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Student Testimonials

Sonal Bala B.Tech (CS) 2010UCS009

I am very thankful to Mangalayatan University because in this world of competition I got placement through Campus interview in Lava International Ltd. This university gives great opportunity to its students and polishes them to lead a better life. Not only this, we all students get a family-like environment to enjoy our studies. This university also generates student’s interest in other activities through different events which are organized here. At last, I must say that I am proud to be a part of Mangalayatan University.

Adarsh Jain MBA 20120453

I am Adarsh Jain from the Institute of Business Management pursuing MBA 4th sem. at Mangalayatan University . I am feeling very delighted because Mangalayatan University has given me the opportunity to pursue my career in marketing by providing me a campus placement in my choice of company .i.e. Intec Capital Limited, New Delhi. I express my heartfelt thanks to the Training & Placement team of Mangalayatan university. On behalf of all the students who are placed from MBA , I express my gratitude to Mangalayatan University for giving us a great start in our career.

Viral Jain B.Tech (CE) 2010UCE046

I, Viral Jain, am very thankful to Mangalayatan University for providing placement opportunities to final year students. I got placed in Genpact and I am very glad for it. Many of my friends also got placed in 8th semester and I am happy for them too. I would also like to thank and appreciate the support and cooperation of the Training & Placement Cell which helped us a lot regarding the placements. I am very grateful to my University.

Shagun Jain B.Tech (CS) 2010UCS039

I, Shagun Jain, a student of B.Tech CS want to thank Mangalayatan University and all my faculty members as well as non-teaching staff for helping me and encouraging me during the selection process of OMR India Outsources Pvt. Ltd. It is undoubtedly one of the leading companies in India. I hereby express my special thanks to the Training and Placement Cell team and the Career Advancement Cell team

Harshit Jain B.Tech (ME) 2010TME002

I got placed in Attrico Engineering (India) Private Limited I am quite happy for it. Last 4 years have been very great in Mangalayatan University. I am looking forward towards future growth through the opportunity provided to me by Mangalayatan University .

Shraddha Jain MBA 20120452

I came to Mangalayatan University with a dream. I will leave it with a bright career in a leading bank, that is, IndusInd Bank Limited. The bond with my university will further strengthen in the years to come. At Mangalaytan, I learnt how to think analytically, lead, solve problems and communicate effectively.

Teena Gupta B.Tech (EC) 20110115

I am really thankful to my university , especially, the Training and Placement Cell for giving ample number of opportunities to help me get through best of the Companies. The endeavour and enthusiasm of Training & Placement Cell is very appreciable. Placement cell took a number of measures to ensure that students get properly placed and made best of opportunities available for us which led to my placement in Lava International Ltd. I wish good luck to the coming batches of my university.

Nihit Agarwal MBA 20110979

First of all I would like to thank my faculty members who turned out to be my support system during my academic career. The quality of education imparted by the University is exhaustive and helpful for a career oriented student. The regular activities conducted by the University enabled me to take a step forward, motivated me to maintain harmonious relations with everyone and taught me how to work as a team. I am indebted to Mangalayatan University for providing me placement in HDFC AMC Pvt. Ltd. Collecting my words to say, “Mangalayatan, Forwarding steps towards Success”

Ms. Sonam Maheshwari (2007UEE042)

It’s my pleasure to tell that I am selected with Subex. I got the opportunity with the help & efforts of T & P Cell. This is one of the great achievement of my life. I am also thankful of my parents & lectures , who guided me every time.

Mr. Deepak Sharma (2007UIT019)

I am selected with Syntel. This is a great moment of success for me. In Mangalayatan University I like Library, playground & canteen most. When ever I am tired I use to visit their. At last I am very grateful of god.

Ms. Prerna Saraswat (2007UCS322)

I got the chance to work with one of the leading company HCL Technologies Ltd. Mangalayatan University provides a great platform to learn new technology with really nice learning environment. This is the result of all inputs and skills developed in Mangalayatan University.

Ms. Deepika Jain (2009PFN028)

Being MBA, I wish to work with some financial company as analyst. I got the opportunity to work with ING Vysya Bank. Mangalayatan University T & P Cell bring my dream live for me. I am grateful to my parents & GOD.

Mr. Pradeep Upadhyay (2007UBH031)

I joined Mangalayatan University with the hope of a good career with Pharmaceuticals Industry in production. MY provided me a chance to work with Surya Pharmaceuticals Ltd. I am happy to writing this because I found every necessary facility available for students to grow

Ms. Neelam Singh (2007UBT091)

I am very glad to tell that I am selected with Abbott Healthcare Ltd. It is a great movement of my life. I am very happy on my success and behind this, a very big hand of Placement Cell & Mangalayatan University family.

Mr. Nitish Varshney (2007UEE026)

I am very glad to tell you that I am selected with Torrent Power. It is great pleasure moment for me. It is the result of hard working of me & support of T & P Cell and Mangalayatan University family. I am grateful all of them for their support.

Ms. Richa Gandhi (2007UCS049)

I am selected with Infosys Technologies Ltd. Without T & P Cell help, it was not possible for me to get the job in my dream company. I am very happy to tell all of you that University lecturers were very helpful entire 4 years of my studies. At last I only say that it is the right place for education.

Mr. Sheetal Jain (2009PFN002)

I am happy to tell you that I am offered by Reliance Retail Ltd as I was willing to work with retail industry With the help of Mangalayatan University I got a Chance to work with this company. I am grateful to Mangalayatan University and T & P Cell.

Mudit Bansal (2009PIB001)

I am selected with India Mart. The time which I spend in Mangalayatan University was really good & memorable for me. This is all the result of my hard working & guidance of T&P Cell. I wish best of luck for all students of Mangalayatan University.

Mr. Arvind Kumar (2009PHR001)

I am happy to tell you that I am selected With ICICI Lombard. It is the result of my hard working and support of T&P Cell. I believe that Mangalayatan University is one of the best place for studies in India and I feel fortunate to be a part of it.

Mr. Deepak Sharma (2007UBT013)

I am happy to announce to be offered the employment with Ozone Pharmaceuticals Ltd. In Mangalayatan University I want to specially thank T&P Cell & teaching staff. All the labs in Mangalayatan University are good & well equipped. Last 4 years of B-Tech BioTech with Mangalayatan University have many special moments to be remembered forever.