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faculty member
Dr. Rinku Raghuvanshi

Ph.D. (Economics)
Associate Professor

Institute of Business Management
Mangalayatan University,
Aligarh (U.P), India


Mobile : +91 9319822999
Email : rinku.raghuvanshi@mangalayatan.edu.in


10 Years

Current Courses Taught

  • Human Resource Management
  • Stress Management
  • Industrial Psychology and Economics

Research Interests

Human Resource Management, International Business and Economics.

Teaching Interests

Economics, Industrial Psychology, Stress Management, Performance & Compensation management, Business Ethics, Human Resource Management, Principals of Management, Organizational Behavior.


  • Raghuvanshi, r., & Singh, J. (2014, november). Role of supply chain managemnet in Retail sector. International journal of Management research and review, IV(11).
  • Raghuvanshi, R., & singh, s. (2013, august). Changing dimensions of HRM functions: An evaluation. International Journal of engineering and research, III(4), 23-28.
  • Paper presented in Nation Seminar on “Backward classes and Poverty: Causes and Remedies” entitled  “Role of Financial Institutions in Poverty alleviation” on 19-20 September 2015
  • Paper presented in National seminar on “MNREGA and employment generation in rural areas” entitled “An analytical study on MNREGA in India” on 23, 24 Feb, 2013.
  • Paper presented in International Conference on “ Crises in Indian Agriculture” entitled “Crises in Agriculture Sector-Opportunities, Challenges and Remedial Measures” on 25-26 August,2012
  • Paper presented in International Conference on “Civic challenges ,Democracy and Media” entitled “Role of Social Media in Human Resource Development; Opportunities and Challenges” on 25-26 February 2012
  • Paper presented in national conference on “Emerging Trends in Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Research” ,entitled “Role of Pharmaceutical Industries in Indian Economy” on `18-19,Feburary 2012
  • Presented a paper entitled “Management Information system with special reference to library and organization –an overview”, Contemporary Issues for the Information Professionals in a Digital   Era (NASCIP-2011)”, 22nd January 2011, INMANTEC, Ghaziabad.
  • Presented a Paper entitled “ A Study of Economic Growth and Environmental conservation in India ” the National conference on Impact of energy conservation on Indian Economy ” on 3-4 December 2010 at GINNI DEVI MODI GIRLS (PG) COLLEGE , in MODINAGAR (UP)
  • Presented paper titled “A Socio-Economic analysis of women Empowerment in India ” in the   national conference on “Management Emerging Issues and Trends “ held on 22 November 2010 in Chandigarh    Business school  ,Mohali ,Punjab
  • Presented paper on “ Economic growth of Uttarakhand ’’ at 6th annual conference of  Uttarpradesh –Uttarakhand economic association, organized by Mangalayatan University on 23-24oct.2010
  • Presented a paper entitled “HRM practices in 21st century: A Globalization challenge ” on “HRM Practices in 21st Century”  National Seminar  was organized by Mangalayatan Universityat Aligarh on May 6, 2010.
  • Presented paper entitled “Impact of Budget 2010-11 on FMCG sector “ on “Budgetary Implications for Corporate India in Financial Year 2010-11”  National Seminar was organized by  Managlayatan Universityat Aligarh on March 31st , 2010.
  • Paper entitled “ women empowerment and poverty alleviation ’’ at D.S.(PG)College Aligarh ,in a national conference on 2-3 October 2010
  • Presented paper entitled “Recession in Global Economy Impact on Business Including IT Sector”, in National Conference organized by Hindustan Institute of Management and Computer Studies, Farah, Mathura, at Hotel Clark Shiraz, Agra dated 6th& 7th March 2009
  • Presented paper entitled “Retail Marketing in India”, in International Conference of Management, Science and Arts organized by Gurukul Kangri University, Haridwar, Dated15th – 16th Sept., 2008
  • Presented paper entitled “Panchayati Raj- Comparative Study in changing time”, in National Seminar on   “ Strengthing of Gross Root Democracy: with reference to Panchayati Raj”, in Govt. P.G.College , Khair ,Aligarh  on 17 -18 Feb. 2007

Professional Affiliations

  • Chairperson of GSCASH (Gender Sensitization Committee against Sexual Harassment) at university level.
  • Member of Alumni Committee at university level
  • Faculty advisor of students activities council , Mangalayatan University
  • Member of  Students Grievance handling committee at University level
  • Member of Grievance Handling Cell-Academic Staffs
  • Programme Officer of NSS Unit at Mangalayatan University
  • Faculty advisor, Atharva , university annual cultural fest
  • Training and Placement coordinator for IBM
  • Member of RPEC (Research protocol evaluation Committee) at institute level.
  • Member Library Committee
  • Member of Board of Studies, at IBM
  • Program  coordinator of MBA,  BBA and B.Com Courses