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faculty member
Pt. Debasis Chakroborty

MA, M.Phil.(Hindustani Classical Guitar)
Associate Professor (Music)

Department of Visual & Performing Arts, Faculty of Humanities
Mangalayatan University,
Aligarh (U.P), India


Mobile : +91 9457004184
Email : debasis.chakroborty@mangalayatan.edu.in


22 years

Current Courses Taught

  • Bachelor of Performing Arts(BPA);Bachelor of Fine Arts(BFA)
  • Master of Performing Arts(MPA)
  • Master of Fine Arts(MFA)
  • Bridge Course(Performing Arts).

Research Interests

Research in musicology and cross cultural collaborative research projects on music.

Teaching Interests

Theoretical and Practical aspects of Music.


  • Chakroborty, Debasis(2009), Effect of Music on Prisoners’, Sanjay Prakashan, New Delhi, ‘ISBN978-81-7453-298-5, P.P. 42-53
  • Chakroborty, Debasis (2013),‘Globalization of music: is it beneficial or harmful? A review in the context of Indian scenario’ published in the book “Fine Art for promising tomorrow”, ISBN 978-93-814-27-415, Rakhi Prakashan, Agra, 201, 29-363.
  • Chakroborty, Debasis(2011), ‘Why & How Classical music can be an effective relaxation & stress tool? A study of some problems and solutions’, journal ICFA Studies I 2011, Ishika Publishing House, Jaipur. ISBN: 978-81-89471-92-7, 132-136.
  • Chakroborty, Debasis(2010),‘A bird’s eye view on the history of music therapy in the West’ Sanjay Prakashan, New Delhi., ISBN978-81-7453-373-9, P.P.01-37.
  • Chakroborty, Debasis(2016),Bishnupur Gharana : an obscure tradition of Hindustani Music’, Nad- Nartan Journal of music & Dance, New Delhi (To be Published shortly).

Professional Affiliations

Pt. Debasis Chakroborty, an internationally renowned Indian Classical Slide guitarist, is a traditional artiste of Senia- Maihar Gharana(Style) of Hindustani music with a highly commendable “A-grade” affiliation from All India Radio & Doordarshan (National Television) under Broadcasting Corporation of India, Govt. of India.

Other Achievements

  • Empanelled artiste of Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR) under Ministry of External Affairs, Govt. of India.
  • Invited as Visitor and Artist-in-residence in several occasions at Monash University, Melbourne-Australia to teach, perform and conduct workshops for the teachers and students.
  • Invited at World congress of Music Therapy 2011 at Seoul, South Korea.
  • Performed at the Cultural Center, Embassy of India, Seoul, South Korea, 2011.
  • Participated and performed at the World conference of International Society for Music Education (ISME) at Kuala Lumpur-Malaysia in 2006, Bologna-Italy in 2008 and Beijing-China in 2010.
  • Performed in the National Programme of Music (AIR & TV) in 2000, 2002, 2008 & 2014.
  • Performed in the festivals of Rajasthan Sangeet Natak Academy, West Bengal State Music Academy and other National & State Academies.
  • Participated in the ‘Beyond Borders & Barlines’, a collaborative research project on music between Mangalayatan University,India and Monash University, Australia.
  • Performed in the prestigious ‘Melbourne International Jazz Festival 2015”.
  • Invited to perform at the Illawara folk Festival 2015, New South Wales, Australia, 2015.