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Extended NCR 33rd Milestone, Aligarh-Mathura Highway, Beswan,
P.O. Box: Aligarh
Uttar Pradesh

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faculty member
Dr. Poonam Rani

Ph.D., NET (Painting), MA
Officiate Head & Assistant Professor-II

Department of Visual & Performing Arts, Faculty of Humanities
Mangalayatan University,
Aligarh (U.P), India


Mobile : +91 8057276769
Email : poonam.rani@mangalayatan.edu.in


10 Years

Current Courses Taught

  • M.Phil (Visual arts) .M.F.A.(Painting) BFA (Painting )

Research Interests

03 M.Phil Student have Completed his Research work under my supervision

Teaching Interests

Art History & Pictorial composition.


  • Akabar Kaleen chitrit granth evam Vishay –samagree EXPRESSION International Journal  Of Fine Art & Interdisciplinary -2014.-V0l-1.
  • Rajasthani shaily, sahitya ,sangeet or kala ki triveni Biannual National Research Journal ,  Dehradun 2015-Vol-2
  • Khajuraho ke Mandir ,kala or Sanskrti ke adbhut sangam National Research Journal of Humanities & Social Sciences-Vol-1January-june , 2013
  • Chitrakala ke madhyam se rag ragniyon ki  drishtavya abhivyakti. National seminar and conference, D.A.V. College, Kanpur  2011
  • K.K. Habber ka Layatmakta purna Chitran Abhinav Mimansa , Lucknow- 2011
  • Aesthetical & Historical Values of Indian Art International Conference of fine Arts 5th Feb. 2011